Our Goals


Everyone loves a party! But if you’re like us (and have an eco-conscious conscience), the amount of trash that goes into the landfill as a result of a typical party can take the edge off the fun. And the bigger the event, such as a wedding, the more non-recyclable trash is typically generated.

Alas, disposable is so convenient, it can be hard to resist, especially when hosting an event on a large scale. So what’s the solution?

Three years ago, we began collecting vintage dishes, glassware, clothing and accessories that were not only lovely to behold, but reusable. Refurbishing and reusing vintage items is one of the best ways to “recycle” and keep valuable items out of landfills. Reusable items are lovelier than disposable items, but they are also more expensive, more difficult to transport, and more difficult to clean up after. Renting from Somewhere in Time Vintage, however, solves all of these challenges!

With Somewhere in Time Vintage, you do not have to collect all the dishes and glassware you need for your reception or event, you do not have to transport it (unless you choose to) AND, most importantly, you do not have to clean up afterward. If packed up properly by you (please see FAQ), we will wash all the dishes for you! With Somewhere in Time Vintage, you get all the convenience of disposable—without any of the guilt!


· As you take your first steps together as a married couple…

· As you plan a baby shower for the pitter-patter of little feet to come…

· As you step out in support of your non-profit’s fundraiser...

…you can feel good about the tiny carbon footprint your event is leaving behind. Partnering with us means less waste all around—now, that’s something to celebrate!


We pride ourselves on pricing our vintage rental items well within the budget of the average person. Many of our items are rare, one-of-a-kind items that would be difficult to replace, so we do require a deposit against damage, but scroll through our collection and we think you will be pleasantly surprised by just how affordable our items are. Whether you need just a few items or want to do an entire themed event, you will not find our costs prohibitive.


When was the last truly memorable baby or bridal shower you attended? Do you think you’ll scream if you see one more bride wearing the same strapless wedding gown that has been worn by nearly every bride for at least the last decade? Vintage is the very best way to stake out a style that is different from the masses, and at Somewhere in Time Vintage, we would be honored to assist you in finding items with a flair for the unusual, the nostalgic, and the “That’s-me-to-a-T” individuality.