Welcome to Somewhere in Time!


You have an event worth celebrating, and we couldn’t be happier for you!

Welcome to Somewhere in Time Vintage, where we can help you plan an event that is:

· memorable, unique, and charming

· eco-friendly

· affordable

We live in a world of plastic, mass-produced, foreign-made, disposable kitsch. Even eco-conscious individuals often find themselves compromising when faced with hosting a large party or event. And after a while, don’t all the events start to look alike? 

There is a better way.

Somewhere in Time Vintage has a stunning collection of vintage, antique and rustic items for rent. Whether you are planning a… 

* Wedding * Bridal Shower * Baby Shower * Birthday Party *
* Tea Party * Vintage Photo Shoot * Fundraiser *

…we can help you plan an event that is as "green" as possible, while also saving you as much "green" as possible! Along the way, your event will reflect the values important to you, as well as your own individual style.